Template:Infobox Software Xunlei or Thunder (Template:Zh-cpl)[1] is a popular Chinese download manager and file sharing client that supports BitTorrent, eDonkey, Kad, and FTP. It is mainly used in the Mainland China and the software is only available in Chinese. It is developed by Thunder Networking Technologies, a Shenzhen startup formerly known as Sandai Technologies (三代科技).

They also offer download accelerating services which have been downloaded and installed by over 80 million users. Xunlei's websites attract over fifty million hits per day[2].

Operation MechanismEdit

Xunlei accelerates downloads by accessing its proprietary P2P network in addition to the given HTTP download. By default it scans the user's computer and automatically shares all files across the Xunlei network, often exhausts the user's upload bandwidth as it does not provide a real upload speed limiter. The user has no means of limiting what to be shared or not to be shared. Coupled with the lack of a hash algorithm, files are only matched by their names and private files can easily be obtained through the network. [3]

Google InvestmentEdit

On January 5, 2007, Google acquired a 4% stake for a reported $5 million in the company that developed Xunlei, with hopes of expanding Google's market base in China. Contrary to rumors earlier in the year, Google did not purchase a majority stake in the Chinese company.



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