World Wind Central is a community portal for users and developers of NASA's open source World Wind satellite imaging software. As well as hosting a Wiki and forums the servers are used to process and serve imagery, such as the data for the 2005 Hurricane Imagery Add-On, also the high resolution imagery ZoomIt data available in the default install of NASA World Wind is provided by the World Wind Central servers.

Features of this site include:

  • Forums community discussion areas.
  • Hotspots are screenshots of interesting locations taken with NASA World Wind.
  • Knowledge base a Wiki with instructions for using NASA World Wind and advanced documentation for developers.
  • Add-ons a list of most of the add-ons available for NASA World Wind.
  • Mailing lists for discussing NASA World Wind development issues.
  • Chat provides support for World Wind.
  • Geographic link converter converts web site map URLs to NASA World Wind links.

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