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Windows Weekly is a popular weekly podcast, or netcast which is co-hosted by Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte. The podcast is part of the TWiT network of podcasts, which includes the popular This Week in Tech podcast.

On the podcast, Windows news, as well as news about other operating systems, is discussed. Also, there are comments and reviews about Microsoft and other competing companies' products.

In some episodes, guests from Microsoft or the tech community are invited to talk with Paul and Leo. Episode #20 was the first one in which Thurrott took questions live (via TalkShoe).


Windows Weekly has drawn some fire from listeners who expect the podcast to be purely about Microsoft products, and in the same positive manner of the other podcasts on the TWiT netcast network. However, there have been numerous comments expressed in the comments section on each show page expressing disappointment that Microsoft and its products, especially Windows Vista, are being criticized. This, along with occasional mentions of Apple Computer products, have led some Windows enthusiasts to lose faith in the show as a source of Microsoft related news and reviews.

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