Template:Infobox Website WikiTimeScale is a wiki displaying historic persons, historic events and other historic matters graphically and interactive on a timeline. It was written in PHP, uses a MySQL database and is open source under the GNU General Public License. Its text is licenced under the GNU Free Documentation License. It was founded at the beginning of 2006 and it's current version is 2.41. The images of the timelines created by WikiTimeScale can be used as wished (for example for presentations) as long as the copyright is clearly pointed out (for example by keeping the copyright message at the bottom of the graph in the image).

WikiTimeScale is currently available in English, German, Dutch and Chinese. It was named as one of "Ten Innovative Wikis" by the book Wikis for Dummies.

MediaWiki ExtensionEdit

There is now a MediaWiki extension available, called WikiTimeLine, which is using the WikiTimeScale grafic engine. The historic events or people are added with tags (just like HTML tags to the MediaWiki articles and afterwards can be displayed in an image as timelines by clicking onto their links. See the WikiTimeLine page at the MediaWiki website for more information.


  • Woods, Dan & Thoeny, Peter. (2007). Wikis For Dummies. Hoboken: Wiley Publishing Inc. ISBN 978-0-470-04399-8.

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