Web Application Markup Language (WAML) allows a programmer to define a web application appearance and functionality by using simple XML-like syntax mixed with HTML.

The idea behind WAML is to simplify application functionality definition and provide flexible access to UI objects, data and communication services.

WAML functionality build on top of existed AJAX frameworks available for public use and as well uses WamlJS own AJAX engine made with JavaScript.

WAML Language Edit

  • wa:Application
  • wa:Box
  • wa:Calendar
  • wa:Carousel
  • wa:CarouselItem
  • wa:DatePicker
  • wa:Flash
  • wa:Imports
  • wa:Layout
  • wa:LayoutPanel
  • wa:Module
  • wa:RoundedBox
  • wa:Tab
  • wa:Tabs
  • wa:Window

Syntax sampleEdit

 <wa:Accordion id="acc1">
   <wa:AccordionPanel contentUrl="docs/waml-objects.waml" id="panel1" title="Documentation"></wa:AccordionPanel>
   <wa:AccordionPanel contentUrl="docs/waml-samples.waml" id="panel2" title="Samples"></wa:AccordionPanel>
   <wa:AccordionPanel contentUrl="docs/ajax-frameworks.htm" id="panel3" title="Frameworks Used"></wa:AccordionPanel>

AJAX Frameworks involvedEdit

There is number of components and modules used to make WAML fully functional and provide great performance and stability:

WAML DownloadsEdit

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