Template:Infobox Film Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet is a 1965 sci-fi film directed by Curtis Harrington. The film is actually a US adapted and edited version of the Russian sci-fi movie Planeta Bur directed by Pavel Klushantsev, with Curtis Harrington filming extra scenes featuring Basil Rathbone and American actors for the US/English speaking market.

It is 2020 and the Moon has been colonised. After travelling 200,000,000 miles, the first group of men land on Venus, a prehistoric world. The crew are attacked by various monsters, plants, etc. The film often seemed to have been filmed in sepia and grey and too much time is spent on mundane matters. The wooden acting made the crew seem mainly disinterested in their strange environment.

While Harrington considered Queen of Blood, another such edit, enough his film to keep his name on it, he was here credited as "John Sebastian", in homage to Johann Sebastian Bach.

This edit of the film forms the basis of another edit of Planeta Bur, Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women.

Template:Sf-film-stubfr:Voyage sur la planète préhistorique nl:Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

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