FANDOM (commonly referred to as TorrentFreak) is a weblog dedicated to reporting the latest news on the BitTorrent protocol and anything closely related to it. TorrentFreak was started in November of 2005 by a Dutchman named Ernesto.[1] He added Smaran to his staff in September of 2006, and he added Enigmax to his staff in February of 2007.[2]

TorrentFreak is listed in Technorati's top 100 blogs[3] and among the 50 most popular domains featured on the frontpage of Digg.[4]

Comcast BitTorrent ThrottlingEdit

On August 17th, 2007 TorrentFreak reported that Comcast had begun throttling its upload bandwidth, specifically against BitTorrent users. This made seeding, which is an essential part of the BitTorrent protocol, effectively impossible.[5] It was later determined that Comcast was using Sandvine products which implement network traffic shaping and policing, and include support for both blocking new and forcefully terminating established network connections. Comcast has denied these claims whenever they have been asked to comment. A guide, for customer service representatives when asked about Comcast's BitTorrent throttling, was leaked to the Consumerist on October 26th, 2007.[6]


In October of 2007, TorrentFreak was criticized for attributing the temporary shutdown of the BitTorrent Tracker to the CRIA, when nobody had knowledge of the true reason for the downtime. It was later revealed that TorrentFreak was, in fact, correct in its assertion that Demonoid was shutdown by the CRIA.[7]

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