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TorrentFlux is a multi-user GUI for BitTornado. Unlike most BitTorrent clients, its main user interface is a web interface. It is scripted in PHP, with a MySQL database and runs on a web server.

Its web interface allows it to be operated on a remote server, which is useful for file services based at an Internet service center.

The most recent beta release also includes support for ADOdb, allowing for use of other database backends. Numerous "hacks" have been written to add additional functionality.

It is free open source software released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.


The latest release is 2.4 final for Linux, released on June 18 2008. The latest Windows version is 1.3, released August 15 2004.


In January 2007 a fork called TorrentFlux-b4rt was created by a TorrentFlux forum member with the alias "b4rt". TorrentFlux-b4rt incorporates many of the mods created by the community, as well as some new features and display themes, into a single package. An existing TorrentFlux installation can be converted to a TorrentFlux-b4rt installation, preserving all settings and data, by using the scripts included with TorrentFlux-b4rt. The newer versions of TorrentFlux-b4rt are completely rewritten, and no longer based on the original TorrentFlux

Key TorrentFlux-b4rt additions:

  • A more advanced queue management system.
  • The ability to periodically scan RSS feeds for new transfers to start.
  • The ability to change up/download rates while a transfer is running.
  • Transfer statistics logging and bulk operations (start/stop all transfers).
  • The ability to use clients besides BitTornado: Transmission and Azureus for torrents, wget for http and ftp downloads, and nzbperl for usenet downloads (using NZB files).

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