"The Jim Henson Company Presents "The Sam Plenty Cavalcade of Action Show Plus Singing!"[1] is a live action web-series from the Jim Henson Company. The series was created and directed by Paul Rugg and Mitch Schauer.[1][2]

The series is designed as a Western comedy musical with science-fiction and action adventure elements, starring cowboy hero Sam Plenty. Victor Yerrid described Sam Plenty in a 2007 interview as "a throwback to the old Gene Autry Show". [3]. In particular, the premise recalls Autry's 1935 serial The Phantom Empire, in which Autry and friends must battle an evil queen, robots, and various sci-fi devices.

The show is an over-the-top tongue-in-cheek parody of classic television serials. The first serial in the "The Sam Plenty Cavalcade of Action Show Plus Singing!" was entitled "Sam Plenty in Underdoom". The first installment of the five-episode serial debuted on the web on March 10, 2008 (although adding the parody element, the episodes begin at "part 3").

The cast consists of a mixture of television and film actors. The Sam Plenty troupe also includes several veteran Henson puppeteers includes Yerrid (as Bob Choppy), Drew Massey (as Sam Plenty), and Allan Trautman (as the professor).[4] A sample of the project was screened at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con.[2]

Episode list Edit

Serial Part Title Posted Summary #
Sam Plenty
in Underdoom
Part 3 "Test of Doom!" March 102008 Queen Verbosa has ordered her doom riders to put Sam to a test to secretly evaluate his legendary abilities. The doom riders have captured Billy and thrown him off a cliff to see what Sam will do. Sam rescues Billy with his laso and pulls him to saftey. Upon hearing this Queen Verbosa calls upon Sergeant Munch and his army of invisible doom riders to capture Sam Plenty and bring the cowboy to her. Back at the ranch the gang sings "Cow Pie Patty Serenade" when suddenly Sam finds himself attacked by a swarm of invisible doom riders. 1
Part 4 "Explosion of Doom!" March 17, 2008 Queen Verbosa - ruler of all Underdoom - has ordered her Doom Riders to march invisibly to the Plenty Ranch. Using their concealment gyros, the Doom Riders have the ranch surrounded. Escape is impossible! Just as the Doom Riders are about to kill Sam Plenty, Sergeant Munch receives a communication from Queen Verbosa. She tells him not to kill Sam Plenty, but rather bring him to her alive. However Sam will not go without a fight, and he single-handedly begins to fight off the invisible invaders. But the Doom Riders outnumber Sam and soon have him restrained. Sergeant Munch is not amused by Sam's unwillingness to cooperate and decides to teach him a lesson. He pulls out his exploding gun, points it at Sam's friends and fires. Sam's friends (including Marion, Hanalei, Billy, Bob, Fetcheye, and the Professor) being to explode! 2
Part 5 "Purification of Doom" April 7, 2008 Queen Verbosa's Doom Riders have marched to Plenty Ranch to capture Sam. Sam's attitude has angered Sergeant Munch who has turned the Exploding Gun on Sam's friends. Sam kicks the gun out of Sergeant Munch's hands, saving his friends- but it causes his horse, Marzipan, to explode instead! Or perhaps not...Marzipan is safe and sound on the roof of Plenty Ranch- her tail just blewed off. Sam surrenders to Sergeant Munch, and the Doom Riders take him away, along with Marion and Billy. The rest of the gang is put to sleep. Queen Verbosa locks Sam away in the Purification Thing, and Sam emerges...dead! 3
Part 6 "March of Doom!" 4
Part 7 not posted yet 5



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