Template:Infobox Film The Lost Jungle (1934) is a Mascot movie serial.

A semi-sequel to this serial, Darkest Africa, was released by Republic Pictures in 1936. Republic was made from a merger of several companies, including Mascot which became the B-Western and serial production arm of the company, as well as providing them with a studio.


Chapter titlesEdit

File:The Lost Jungle, Studio City Walk of Fame.JPG
  1. Noah's Ark Island
  2. Nature in the Raw
  3. Hypnotic Eye
  4. Pit of Crocodiles
  5. Gorilla Warfare
  6. Battle of Beats
  7. Tiger's Prey
  8. Lion's Brood
  9. Eyes of the Jungle
  10. Human Hyenas
  11. The Gorilla
  12. Take Them Back Alive



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