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The Linux Action Show! is a podcast hosted by Bryan Landuke and Chris Fisher and produced by Jupiter Broadcasting, commenting on the latest news in free and open source software, especially Linux.

Description Edit

The show normally will start out with Bryan summarizing the major news stories for the week in a headline-like fashion.

The show features a call-in question-and-answer segment, discussion of new software and Linux distributions, and news about events and issues in the Linux community. The show has interviewed many well-known software developers and open-source entrepreneurs, including Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu/Canonical,[1] Jono Bacon of Jokosher,[2] Justin Steinman (VP of Marketing for Novell),[3] and Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony.[4] The Linux Action Show produced an episode from the August 2007 Ubuntu Live conference.[5]

Humor Edit

The Linux Action Show is notable is for the comically exaggerated tone of its introductory segments. For example, Episode 62 begins with an enthusiastic voice-over, with romantic music by Barry White in the background:


Rivalry with LugRadio Edit

The Linux Action Show has a friendly rivalry with the British podcast LugRadio. Jokes about each other are often traded back and forth. A frequent source of humor is LugRadio's use of colorful language, in contrast to The Linux Action Show's reluctance to do so. Each show has featured the other's hosts as a guest.Template:Fact



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