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The Corpse Vanishes is an American Black and white film released in 1942, which stars the horror actor Bela Lugosi. The film also stars Luana Walters, Elizabeth Russel, Minerva Urecal and Tristram Coffin.

Overview Edit

A mad scientist, played by Lugosi, finds himself in a strange situation whereby he must extract the bodily fluids of young virgin brides in an attempt to keep his aging wife (Elizabeth Russel) alive. He does this by using a poisoned flower corsage, which places the brides into a state of suspended animation. The brides end up at the morgue where, with the help of his assistant (a dwarf), they are kidnapped and drained of blood. The film was one of the earliest movies used in the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000, a series dedicated to making fun of bad movies.

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