The Technology Resource Mobilization Unit, also known as "TReMU" or "Linux Force," is part of an effort to overcome proprietary computer technology in Pakistan.

In 2002 the government initiated a task force, composed primarily of volunteers, to encourage the use of open source software, to disseminate information to private users and business about how to use Linux, and to convert government services to a free software basis. Each group has national and regional coordinators. Meetings, seminars and conferences are held to propose and debate public policy ideas. TReMU includes academics, developers, and technology professionals from the Pakistan Linux Users' Club. The Pakistani government announced its intentions through the press and promoted the effort through an ad in the Karachi-based, English-language newspaper Dawn, which declared that the team "will come with proposals to the government [for] funding such as the creation of user-friendly client/server software, training strategies, local language software development, the induction of LINUX into [the] basic syllabi, etc."Template:Org-stub

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