Stray Cinema is an open source movie. The raw footage from a film shot in New Zealand has been made available for the public to download from the Stray Cinema website. This is the second open source movie provided by Stray Cinema. The idea is to provide people with the opportunity to create their own version of the film, following the guidelines set by the Open Source movement found in software development and licensing.

To participate, people must edit a one-two minute version of the film they wish to make from the available footage. Participants are then invited to post this manipulated footage back onto the Stray Cinema website, to be judged by their online community. The only stipulation is that the finished product contain at least 80 per cent of the original footage and be no longer than two minutes in duration. Film makers can add their own sound or download music created by participating musicians on websites such as MySpace.

The top five films will be screened alongside the original film cut, at an official Stray Cinema screening in New Zealand on the 23rd of September 2008. The screening event is held six months from the day there are 30 film submissions on the website.

As part of the celebration, the event will also involve VJ's mixing raw video footage from the film to live music. It will engage the online community, by webcasting live footage from the event onto, along with live interactive web-chat, vodcasting and blogging.

Stray Cinema will be an ongoing annual event. Each year the screening will be in the country the footage originates from. The new footage available for remix in 2009 will be announced and released at the time of the 2008 screening event.

In 2007 the top 5 films as voted by the online community were:

  1. We are slaves of the future by bumblebeenyhappy
  2. subtitle by emma
  3. a message in a bottle by directorscute
  4. music and solitude by directorscute
  5. paramnesia by migraña

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