SnipSnap is a Bliki that integrates technology from wikis and weblogs into one software. SnipSnap is available under the terms and conditions of the GPL (GNU General Public Licence) and is very easy to install. Active development of this software ended on June 29, 2007 [1]

The development of SnipSnap was continued, in some forks, SnipIt appeared on July 9, 2007 [2], by Paulo Abrantes, as a possible continuation of software that already contained some extensions not present in the latest SnipSnap version. Later another fork, called SnipSnip, by Angelo Schneider, appeared and Paulo Abrantes proposed a fusion [3].


SnipSnap has a number of special features that make it interesting for use as a knowledge management tool as well as for documentation and communication in software development projects:

  • multiple themes, easily editable as wiki pages
  • simple links with phrases and sentences
  • name spaces
  • Groovy scripting as part of the wiki
  • metadata support for categorization
  • file and image upload
  • macro support to easily extend the wiki syntax
  • graphing capabilities (text based description is transformed into an image on the fly)
  • UML Scripting
  • UTF-8 compatible
  • support for different GUI (user interface) languages (localization)



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