Sino-Platonic Papers (SPP) is a scholarly monograph series edited by Victor H. Mair. The Submission Guidelines gives this description of the journal.

Although the chief focus of Sino-Platonic Papers is on the intercultural relations of China with other peoples, challenging and creative studies on a wide variety of philological subjects will be entertained. This series is not the place for safe, sober, and stodgy presentations. Sino-Platonic Papers prefers lively work that, while taking reasonable risks to advance the field, capitalizes on brilliant new insights into the development of civilization.

SPP Issues 1 (November 1986) through 170 (February 2006) were published in traditional printed format, but beginning with Issue 171 (June 2006), Sino-Platonic Papers has been published electronically on the Web. All new issues, and old ones that are no longer in print, are provided free in PDF format, under Creative Commons licenses.

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