Seedpeer is known as one of the most popular [1] torrent sites. The site started out in August 2005 as Meganova and later on in 2007 it got renamed [2] to seedpeer.

In 2006, an advertising company named Targetpoint offered [3] to buy the site from the current webmasters, the offer was declined but, the site has continued to work with Targetpoint. On September 14, 2007, when the internal emails of an anti-piracy group called MediaDefender leaked [4] out to the public, it became clear that Seedpeer was amongst a list of torrent sites that were being targeted by this company, one of their most important goals was to fill torrent sites with fake content. It did not take long before Seedpeer came with a reply[5] to the events. In an open letter to the company, one of the Seedpeer admins speaks out [6] his outrage. As a way of taking revenge, the Seedpeer admins launched a tracker called[7], which was a parody to the infamous

One of the best known features of Seedpeer is it's verified torrents[8] section.



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