Template:Primarysources rolldabeats is a popular online database based discography tool for hardcore, jungle and drum and bass music.

The database hold tens of thousands of releases across thousands of record labels. Up to date database stats are available on the stats page


The site began in 2001 and was originally named Tarzan (located at The original webmaster, Thijs Engels, started the database using information from his personal music collection.

The site also provides scans of vinyl/CD artwork and is planning to incorporate features such as audio clips of tracks, sample sources, breaks and lyrics.

Now co-owned by Haste and backed up by a small team of dedicated moderators, the site re-launched and re-branded itself in early 2005.


Users are encouraged to submit updates on any information that is missing or incorrect. The preferred method of submission is the rolldabeats forum but there are many other ways send information through. These are available on the contacts page.

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