Template:Infobox software license The PHP License is the software license under which the PHP programming language is released. The PHP License is a GPL incompatible free software license according to the Free Software Foundation[1] and the Open Source Initiative.[2].

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The PHP License is an open source license designed to encourage widespread adoption of the source code. Redistribution is permitted in source or binary form with or without modifications provided that:

  1. The PHP License copyright statement is included;
  2. The word "PHP" is not included in the title of any derivative works;
  3. The following acknowledgment is included in whatever form the code is redistributed under:
This product includes PHP, freely available from

Version 3 of PHP used a dual license - PHP 3's source is available under either the PHP License or the GNU General Public License (GPL). This practice was discontinued as of PHP 4, with PHP's developers citing the restrictions on reuse associated with the GPL's copyleft enforcement as being the reason for dropping it.[3]

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