FANDOM is a web site offering photographic resources licensed under Creative Commons licenses, launched by Michael Jastremski, a photographer and journalist. is composed of two major components: The original 'legacy' version which is 100% the work of Michael, and the 'o2' version which was launched in 2004 and is user-contributable. O2 also includes downloadable source code and much improved functionality.

The legacy site is hosted by ibiblio and the o2 version hosted on a private web cluster.

Legacy License Edit

From the site:

"Free use of Open Photo Project images is permitted (and encouraged!) to those willing to comply with the terms of its license. [...] As of 6 November 2002 all photos are licensed under the Creative Commons 'Attribution' License (Full text of the license is available ). Essentially, what the license says is that you may use these photographs in the course of your work (commercial or non-commercial) provided that you provide proper attribution with your derivative(s)."

o2 License Edit

Each image is released under the Creative Commons license selected by its contributor. Please refer to each image for licensing info. Note that some Creative Commons licenses can be very restrictive.

External linksEdit

hu:Open Photo Project

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