Template:Lowercase Template:Orphan is a fully featured open source projection solution for churches, licensed under the GNU General Public License. It includes the ability to search through lyrics for certain words; search for Bible verses in the Bible; display lyrics and Bible verses in a friendly way to the congregation; interact with Powerpoint to provide users with an easy way to control Powerpoint. It also includes easy and instant switching between slides, customisable backgrounds, a song database, video support and more, as described on the features page of the website.

Currently is developed in Delphi and available for Microsoft Windows only. However plans for version 2.0 include porting to a freely available cross platform development environment so it will also run on Linux and Mac OS X.

After a long beta period, version 1.0 of was released on February 1st 2008

The application was originally called OpenLP and was created by Tim Ebenezer. In 2005 the project was renamed to and Raoul Snyman took over as project lead in 2006. has a project page at (web site).

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