Open Yale Courses is an initiative of Yale University to share full video and course materials from Yale undergraduate courses. The website launched in December of 2007 with seven courses from various departments. The university plans to augment this initial collection with 30 additional courses over the next several years. The initiative was funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, which has supported various other university Open Courseware projects.[1]


The seven courses in the initial launch include:

  • Astronomy 160: Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics, with Professor Charles Bailyn
  • English 310: Modern Poetry, with Professor Langdon Hammer
  • Philosophy 176: Death, with Professor Shelly Kagan
  • Physics 200: Fundamentals of Physics, with Professor Ramamurti Shankar
  • Political Science 114: Introduction to Political Philosophy, with Professor Steven Smith
  • Psychology 110: Introduction to Psychology, with Professor Paul Bloom
  • Religious Studies 145: Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible), with Professor Christine Hayes

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