The Open Media Network (OMN) is a P2PTV application, which focuses on educational and public service programs.

OMN powered by Kontiki grid network technology. Kontiki (part of VeriSign since March 2006) is a commercial replacement for BitTorrent.

OMN was founded by Netscape pioneers Mike Homer and Marc Andreessen. [1]

OMN functions as a large, centrally controlled grid network for the distribution of free radio and TV content over P2P. The Open Media Network client application is available for Apple Mac OS X (but not Intel based Macs as of October 2007) and Microsoft Windows (XP and 2000, but not Vista as of October 2007).

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) plans the launch of a “download to own” initiative that lets viewers purchase episodes of popular PBS programs via the Internet for viewing anytime, anywhere. PBS has teamed with Open Media Network and Google. [2] [3] [4]

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