The Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) is an organization aiming to promote open content (referred to by the foundation as open knowledge). It was founded May 24th 2004[1] in the UK. The foundation has published the Open Knowledge Definition and runs several projects.

Aims Edit

The aims of the Open Knowledge Foundation are:[2]

  • Promote the idea of open knowledge, for example by running a series of forums.
  • Instigate and support projects related to the creation and distribution of open knowledge.
  • Campaign against restrictions, both legal and non-legal, on open knowledge.

It was co-founded by Rufus Pollock who remains a Director of the Company, along with Martin Keegan and Jo Walsh. The company Open Knowledge Foundation Limited was incorporated in 20th May 2004.

The Open Knowledge TrailEdit

The Open Knowledge Trail [3] addresses issues in the following areas, and is at the core of the Foundation's ethos:

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The Open Knowledge Foundation held its first conference in 2007, and the next will be in March 2008: The Annual Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon)[1] is held in London, UK

The theme of the 2007 conference was Atomisation and Commercial Opportunity.[2]

Some of the talks were as follows:[3]

  • The Public Domain Works Database and the Public Domain Burn project [4]
  • Visualizing Public Media[5]
  • Planning Alerts[6]
  • The SP-ARK Project (Adventure Pictures)[7]

Charles Arthur, journalist spoke about the Free Our Data campaign, which aims to encourage the UK government to make 'impersonal government data available at cost'. Other speakers include Steve Coast of Open Street Map and Ed Parson who said that current licensing of Ordnance Survey data was unsatisfactory.[8]


Some of the projects are listed below:[9]

Links Edit



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