OpenWeekend was a popular open source and/or free software related event in Prague, Czech republic, organized yearly by a bunch of volunteers from Silicon Hill club of Student union at CTU.

It was focused primarily on open technologies for a broad range of users, especially on their use in an academic environment.

During five years of its existence, many speakers from various parts of the world - Czech and Slovak Republic, Germany, France and U.S. - participated at the conference. They presented papers on various topics: security of Linux kernel and wireless networks, different problems in cryptology, programming in non-traditional languages, OS Linux kernel drivers development, the protocols IPSEC, IPv6, IP telephony, GNU systems, deployment of open technologies in government administration and many others.

Audiovisual recordings from the conference, later on freely accessible to everyone, were always produced and are available still today under open license (free for home and academic use).

Proceedings of the conference provide materials to all presented papers.

By its scope, OpenWeekend was focused on advanced users, programmers, administrators, managers and university students. However, beginners interested in presented topics can be found in the audience as well.

It was also an important meeting of the community.

Currently, the event is dead due to personal problems between organizers (ex-members of the Silicon Hill club) and the trademark owner (Silicon Hill club).

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