The Open Document Format Alliance (ODF Alliance) is a Washington, D.C.-based lobbying organization established by IBM, Sun Microsystems and SIIA to "promote and advance the use of OpenDocument Format (ODF) as the primary document format for governments" [1] Although originally focused on promotion of ODF "via legislation or by executive policy decision",[2] the ODF Alliance also did extensive PR and lobbying in opposition to the Microsoft-backed OOXML standard.[3]

Founded by IBM, Sun and 33 other companies and organizations on March 3, 2006,[4] the Alliance now boasts more than 500 members.[5] However funding sources are not itemized in the organization's 2007 annual report, so membership financial participation is unclear.

The ODF Alliance does not give a physical location on their website, but from documents filed with the State of New York,[6] the ODF Alliance appears to be headquartered at 1090 Vermont Avenue, NW, 6th Floor Washington, DC 20005 , sharing offices with the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), one of the original backers of the ODF Alliance.


Marino Marcich, Executive Director. Prior to joining the ODF Alliance, Mr. Marcich was a four-year veteran of the Bush Administration State Department. While at the Department of State, he was " a member of former US Secretary of State Colin Powell's inner circle".[7] Prior to joining the Bush Administration, "Marcich also served as the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) assistant vice president for international economic affairs, leading key lobby campaigns for World Trade Organization accession and trade-promotion authority."[8]

Kathyrn Brownlee, Public Relations (Rational PR) Public Relations for the ODF Alliance is handled by Rational PR. Although Rational PR does not list the ODF Alliance as a client as of April 2008, SIIA is listed.[9]


The ODF Alliance website provides no information on funding or management structure. At this time, the website lists 6 "national chapters" outside of the United States; Brazil, Europe, India, Malaysia, Poland and Portugal, but it is unclear if those chapter organizations have any input into the policy decisions of the organization.[10]


ODF Preferences
The ODF Alliance has also been very active in lobbying U.S. State and International governments on ODF issues to promote legislative mandates for the use of the ODF document format. The ODF Alliance has provided public testimony in the following fora:

2008 April 9, Testimony before the Government Reform Committee, State of Texas [11]

2007 February 7 Newsletter to ODF Alliance Members [12]

2007 April 17 AB 1668 California Assembly Bill: Bill Analysis[13]

During late 2007 though 2008, the ODF Alliance was focused on lobbying ISO members in order to prevent OOXML from being accepted by ISO.

Ongoing: OOXML Updates and Analysis [14]

2007 June 7 "ODF Alliance posts documents about OOXML/OpenXML/whatever". [15]

2008 February 25 Open Forum Europe Geneva Conference [16]



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