FANDOM is an archive website that stores and distributes older versions of primarily Internet-related freeware and shareware application software. PC World has labeled the site "a treasure trove ... of older-but-better software";[1] the National Review calls a "champion" for "software conservatives".[2]

Alex Levine of Fayetteville, New York founded the site in 2001. Text ads on the site pay for his web-hosting bills.[3]

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As of 8 November 2001 the site offered 80 versions of 14 programs.[4]

As of 22 January 2003 the site offered 324 versions of 44 programs.[5]

As of 28 August 2007 the site offered 2388 versions of 179 programs, categorized under the headings:[6]

  • communication
  • graphics
  • multimedia
  • Internet
  • file-sharing
  • utilities
  • security
  • enterprise
  • FTP

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