o3 Magazine (a.k.a. o3) is a monthly, free-content e-zine about free software and open source. It was started in November 2005.

o3 Magazine is a monthly electronic publication focused on using open source technology in enterprise / business environments. o3 is published by Spliced Networks LLC. o3 magazine is made by using only open source tools. The publication is produced with Scribus, articles are written with OpenOffice and graphics are created with The Gimp. o3 magazine claims this fact is evidence of its open source advocacy.

o3 Magazine is currently distributed free of charge in PDF to anyone and subscribers can sign up for email notification. o3 magazine ceased production from October 2006 until July 2007 as the format, content and direction of the magazine were redesigned. The magazine relaunched on July 14th 2007.

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