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The New World Encyclopedia (NWE) (formerly "The Encyclopedia Project") is a Wikipedia spin-off (or "fork") which received start up funding from Chung Hwan Kwak of the Universal Peace Federation. The editor-in-chief is Frank Kaufmann, and the Editorial Review Board director is Andrew Wilson. The business management of the project was contracted to Paragon House.

Editors were selected for their qualifications in the subject areas and several hundred writers from many cultural backgrounds have contributed to the effort to make it a global encyclopedia.Template:Fact As of June 25, 2008 there were 8,074 articles in the New World Encyclopedia, with a goal of producing a total 24,000 articles by December 31, 2011.Template:Fact

Similar to Wikipedia, the NWE is a general knowledge encyclopedia utilizing GNU Free Documentation License. It describes itself as a project to "promote knowledge that leads to human happiness, well-being, and world peace," and "is designed to organize human knowledge so the reader will learn information not just for its own sake, but for its value to the reader and the world as a whole. It is designed to provide the context and values of our social and organizational relationships, and our relationship with nature and the environment."[1]



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