Template:Infobox Film My Favorite Brunette is a 1947 movie spoofing movie detectives and the film noir style. Starring Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour, it also features Lon Chaney, Jr. playing Willie, a character based on his Of Mice and Men role Lennie; Peter Lorre as Kismit, a comic take on his many film noir roles; and cameo appearances by film noir regular Alan Ladd and Hope partner Bing Crosby. The movie is now in the public domain and most copies of it available today are of poor quality.


Hope plays a photographer who dreams about being a real private detective like his friend Sam McCloud (Ladd). One day he is mistaken for a detective by a mysterious lady in distress (Lamour) and soon finds himself involved in a murder mystery.

Featured castEdit

Actor Role
Bob Hope Ronnie Jackson
Alan Ladd Sam McCloud
Dorothy Lamour Baroness Carlotta Montay
Frank Puglia Baron Montay
Peter Lorre Kismet
Lon Chaney Jr. Willie
John Hoyt Dr. Lundau
Charles Dingle Major Simon Montague
Reginald Denny James Collins
Ann Doran Miss Rogers

External linksEdit

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