Template:For2 Template:Infobox Website Mozilla Add-ons, informally known as a.m.o Template:Fact, is the official Mozilla Foundation website to act as a repository for add-ons for Mozilla software, including Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and Mozilla Sunbird. These add-ons include extensions, themes, dictionaries, search bar "search engines," and plugins.

General Edit

In contrast to which provides free hosting for Mozilla-related projects, Mozilla Add-ons is targeted to end-users, not just software developers.Template:Fact Many Mozilla applications contain direct links to the website, and contain settings to poll for updates to the extensions and the application itself.Template:Fact Firefox 3 includes features for retrieving and displaying content from the website in the add-on manager. Template:Fact

History Edit

Formerly, Mozilla Add-ons was known as Mozilla Update and UMO, as the URL was Template:Fact

The site has undergone several changes since the first launch. Template:Fact

  • A major rewrite of the public pages was launched on April 4 2006
  • A visual refresh of the Firefox pages was pushed on October 24 2006 to correspond with the launch of Firefox 2 and the newly styled
  • A complete rewrite of both the developer and public pages, codenamed Remora, was launched on March 23 2007
  • Another visual refresh, "Remora 3.2", launched spring 2008

As of February 2008, there are over 4600 extensions and over 650 themes hosted on the site. Template:Fact On January 30 2008, it was announced that over 600 million add-ons have been downloaded from Mozilla Add-ons and that over 100 million add-ons check the site for updates every day.[1]


  1. 600,000,000 Add-on Downloads < Blog of Metrics

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