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MindTouch is an open source software development company based in San Diego, California, USA. It was founded December, 2004 with an office in Saint Paul, Minnesota, but moved all offices to San Diego, California in February 2007. MindTouch began its development work with MediaWiki, the open source wiki program used for the Wikimedia Foundation sites. During a year and half long beta test, it modified the application based on input from a targeted beta program, forming a fork called Deki Wiki. In July 2006, MindTouch started, a development community for Deki Wiki and Dream, a distributed REST application management framework.

At DEMOFall in September 2006, MindTouch released its first commercial product, the DekiBox smart hardware appliance. Its second commercial product was MindTouch Deki. In January 2006, MindTouch quickly migrated the wikis hosted at to before the former site was taken down due to domain ownership issues.


Deki Wiki is an open source wiki developed in C# on Mono and PHP, with all components available under either version 2 of the GNU General Public License or version 2.1 of the GNU Lesser General Public License; this makes it the first commercial open source virtualized wiki. The DREAM framework makes it possible to extend Deki Wiki using any programming language compatible with Web services. The application's logic is implemented in C#, but the presentation layer in PHP, which makes it relatively simple to modify the user interface.

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