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for the 1950 Argentine film see Marihuana (1950 film)

Marihuana is a 1936 exploitation film directed by Dwain Esper, and written by Esper's wife, Hildegarde Stadie.

Plot Edit

The anti-drug propaganda tells the story of a good girl named Burma who goes to a party, smokes marijuana, and winds up going skinny-dipping with her girl friends. When one of the girls drowns, the dope pushers come up with a plan to hide the body. A turn of events leads up to Burma being pregnant and unmarried. She is forced to give the child up for adoption and become a drug dealer. In the film's "twist" ending, Burma hatches a plan to kidnap her sister's adopted daughter. As it turns out, the child is, in fact, her own.

Trivia Edit

The motion picture is credited among a list of notable cult films for being included in a past public film showing at the annual Mid atlantic nostalgia convention in Aberdeen, Maryland.

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