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Little Brother is a novel by Cory Doctorow, published by Tor Books. It was released on April 29, 2008. The novel is about several teenagers in San Francisco who, in the aftermath of a terrorist attack on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and BART system, defend themselves against what they see as the Department of Homeland Security's attacks on the Bill of Rights. The novel is also available for free, on the author's website, as a Creative Commons download.

The book debuted at No. 9 on the New York Times Bestseller List, children's chapter book section, in May 2008.[1] As of July 2, it had spent a total of six weeks on the list, rising to the No. 8 spot.[2]

Plot summaryEdit

The main character, Marcus Yallow, also known as w1n5t0n, and three of his friends are truant from high school and find themselves nearby a terrorist bombing of a bridge in San Francisco. The foursome are apprehended by the Department of Homeland Security and held as enemy combatants because of their suspicious behavior, including having encryption on Marcus' cell phone. Marcus is eventually released to find that San Francisco has become a police state. He fights back against the DHS using technology and guile.




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