The following is a list of software licences which Free Software Foundation (FSF) has approved as complying with their Free Software Definition. They are thus, according to FSF, free software licences.

Name Versions Is copyleft? GPL compatible? Used by Notes
Template:Rh | Academic Free License 1.1, 2.1 Template:No Template:No
Template:Rh | Affero General Public License 1 Template:Yes Template:No Version 3 of the AGPL is compatible with the GPL version 3.
Template:Rh | GNU Affero General Public License 3 Template:Yes Template:Yes - GPLv3 Compatible with GPL version 3 only.
Template:Rh | Apache License 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 Template:No Template:Yes - GPLv3 Apache Versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the Apache License are not GPL compatible
Template:Rh | Apple Public Source License 2 Template:No Template:No Apple's Darwin operating system
Template:Rh | Arphic Public License Template:No
Template:Rh | Artistic License 2.0 Template:Yes Perl According to the FSF only version 2 of the Artistic License is compatible with the GPL
Template:Rh | Berkeley Database License Template:Yes Berkeley DB Also known as the Sleepycat Software Product License.
Template:Rh | Boost Software License Template:No Template:Yes
Template:Rh | CeCILL 2 Template:Yes Template:Yes GPL compatible since version 2
Template:Rh | Clarified Artistic License Template:Yes
Template:Rh | Common Development and Distribution License Template:Yes Template:No Sun's OpenSolaris
Template:Rh | Common Public License 1.0 Template:No
Template:Rh | Cryptix General License Template:No Template:Yes
Template:Rh | EU DataGrid Software License Template:No Template:Yes
Template:Rh | Eclipse Public License 1.0 Template:No
Template:Rh | eCos license 2.0 Template:Yes GPL compatible since Version 2
Template:Rh | Eiffel Forum License 2 Template:No Template:Yes GPL compatible since Version 2
Template:Rh | Expat License Template:No Template:Yes Expat Also known as the MIT License
Template:Rh | GNU General Public License 1, 2, 3 Template:Yes Template:Yes GNU, Linux kernel, MySQL
Template:Rh | GNU Lesser General Public License 2, 2.1, 3 Template:Yes Template:Yes glibc and many other libraries, themes and icons
Template:Rh | IBM Public License 1.0 Template:No
Template:Rh | Intel Open Source License (OSI) Template:Yes As published by OSI.
Template:Rh | Interbase Public License 1.0 Template:No
Template:Rh | Jabber Open Source License 1.0 Template:No This license has been voluntarily retired from OSI.
Template:Rh | LaTeX Project Public License 1.2, 1.3a Template:No LaTeX
Template:Rh | GNAT Modified General Public License Template:Yes GNAT runtime toolkit
Template:Rh | License of Netscape Javascript Template:Yes
Template:Rh | Vim 6.1 and later Template:Yes Vim
Template:Rh | zlib license Template:Yes zlib Also known as the libpng license.
Template:Rh | License of the iMatix Standard Function Library Template:Yes
Template:Rh | License of xinetd Template:Yes Template:No xinetd
Template:Rh | Lucent Public License 1.02 Template:No Plan 9 Also known as the Plan 9 License.
Template:Rh | MIT License Template:No Template:Yes Also known as the X11 License.
Template:Rh | Modified BSD license Template:No Template:Yes FreeBSD and OpenBSD
Template:Rh | Mozilla Public License (MPL) Template:No Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox
Template:Rh | Netizen Open Source License 1.0 Template:No
Template:Rh | Netscape Public License Template:No
Template:Rh | Nokia Open Source License Template:No
Template:Rh | Open Software License 1.0  ? Template:No
Template:Rh | OpenLDAP License 2.3, 2.7 Template:Yes OpenLDAP GPL compatible since version 2.7
Template:Rh | OpenSSL license Template:No OpenSSL
Template:Rh | Original BSD license Template:No Template:No NetBSD
Template:Rh | PHP License 3.0 Template:No PHP
Template:Rh | Phorum License 2.0 Template:No
Template:Rh | Public Domain - Template:No Template:Yes - Public Domain isn't truly a license, per se. The definition of what is in the public domain varies from country to country, as is whether or not the author of a work can place his/her work voluntarily in the public domain. If a work is in the public domain, no-one owns the copyright to the work, and/or (usually) anyone can use, copy, modify, redistribute, or otherwise exploit the work for any purpose.
Template:Rh | Python Software Foundation License 1.6a2, 1.6b1 - 2.0/2.1, 2.0.1/2.1.1 Template:Yes Python This license replaces the original Python License which was not GPL compatible[1]
Template:Rh | Q Public License 1.0 Template:No Template:No Qt It was used until Qt 3.0, as Trolltech toolkit version 4.0 was released under GPL version 2.
Template:Rh | Standard ML of New Jersey Copyright License Template:No Template:Yes
Template:Rh | Sun Industry Standards Source License 1.0 Template:No Sun has voluntarily retired this license.
Template:Rh | Sun Public License Template:No This license seems now to have been "dropped" by Sun in favor of the new CDDL license, which is also derived from the MPL.
Template:Rh | Condor Public License Template:No
Template:Rh | Ruby License Template:Yes Ruby
Template:Rh | Vita Nuova Liberal Source License Template:Yes Template:No
Template:Rh | W3C Software Notice and License Template:Yes libwww
Template:Rh | X11 License Template:No Template:Yes This is the FSF's preferred name for the MIT License.
Template:Rh | XFree86 1.1 License 1.1 Template:No Template:No XFree86 The XFree86 Project contests GPL incompatibility.[2]
Template:Rh | Zend License 2.0 Template:No Template:No Parts of PHP
Template:Rh | Zope Public License 1, 2.0 Template:No Template:Yes Zope GPL compatible since version 2.0

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