Linux Torrents are links that track the files of Linux distributions that are being shared over the internet using the BitTorrent protocol. It has become an efficient way to distribute Linux CD images (ISO's) effectively easing the load on FTP and HTTP servers. The uploading of the file(s) is shared amongst the Linux community and those others that use a BitTorrent client to initially download a distribution and then continue to "seed" the file(s). As Linux is typically distributed free of charge, with the exception of a few commercial distributions, it helps to ease the financial burden of Linux developers with respect to their web hosting costs. Downloading a Linux distribution via BitTorrent also helps to ensure that the person will receive an error free download as most clients verify the downloaded bits against the source before calling the file completed. Most BitTorrent clients also have the ability to verify the downloaded file against the MD5 checksum after it complete as well so that the source of the file and integrity is not in question.

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