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Linux Outlaws is a European Internet podcast, presented by Fabian Scherschel and Dan Lynch The show attempts to cover interesting news and developments and stuff that the presenters come across in their daily usage of Linux, often with a serious attitude and a humourous angle (the podcast has been described as being "very laid-back" by listeners and reviewers alike). The presenters don't claim to be gurus or experts on anything, but claim to be trying very hard to provide listeners with a good time and interesting information.

Presenters Edit

Fabian Scherschel Edit

Fabian Scherschel is a university student from Bonn, Germany who works part-time as technical support for a large ISP and otherwise spends his time hacking stuff, listening to rock music or watching Firefly. He is currently running Ubuntu Hardy on his main system.

Dan Lynch Edit

Dan Lynch is a programmer, musician and full-time layabout from Merseyside, UK. He used to work for the NHS as a .NET developer before becoming an open source enthusiast. He has been committed to the open source ethos ever since. Dan is currently distribution hopping for the good of the podcast.

History Edit


Media Coverage and Mentions on other Linux podcasts Edit

Linux Outlaws was included in a podcast roundup in the Christmas 2007 edition of Linux Format magazine.[1]. It has also received mentions from several other related podcasts, such as LugRadio.

Production Edit

Linux Outlaws is recorded simultaneously by the presenters in their homes - in Bonn, Germany and Merseyside, England - and published in Ogg Vorbis and MP3 formats. The recording process involves recordings by each presenter on their own machine, as well as a backup analogue recording by Fabian.[2]

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