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Template:Lowercase (often abbreviated as LCA) is Australia's national Linux and Open Source conference. It is a roaming conference, held in a different city every year, coordinated by Linux Australia and organised by local Australian Linux User Groups.

The conference is a non-profit event, with any surplus funds being used to seed the following year's conference and to support the Australian Linux and open source communities. The name is actually the conference's URL, using the uncommon second-level domain, just as other conferences - such as FOSS.IN - now do. The Rusty Wrench award for service to the free software community is presented at the conference.

Growing at a rate of approximately 25% in size per year, the conference is one of three major, international, grass-roots open-source conferences world wide. The other two are the Ottawa Linux Symposium (commonly known as OLS) and Linux Kongress.

Conference historyEdit

Event Date Venue and host city
CALU 1999 Jul 9Jul 11 1999 Monash University
Template:Flagicon Melbourne, Victoria 2001 Jan 17Jan 20 2001 University of New South Wales
Template:Flagicon Sydney, New South Wales 2002 Feb 6Feb 9 2002 University of Queensland
Template:Flagicon Brisbane, Queensland 2003 Jan 20Jan 25 2003 University of Western Australia
Template:Flagicon Perth, Western Australia 2004 Jan 12Jan 17 2004 University of Adelaide
Template:Flagicon Adelaide, South Australia 2005 Apr 18Apr 23 2005 Australian National University
Template:Flagicon Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2006 Jan 23Jan 28 2006 University of Otago
Template:Flagicon Dunedin, New Zealand 2007 Jan 15Jan 20 2007 University of New South Wales
Template:Flagicon Sydney, New South Wales 2008 Jan 28Feb 2 2008 University of Melbourne
Template:Flagicon Melbourne, Victoria 2009 Jan 19Jan 24 2009 University of Tasmania
Template:Flagicon Hobart, Tasmania[1]

In 1999, CALU was conceived, bankrolled (via his personal credit card) and executed by famed Linux kernel hacker Rusty Russell. It laid the foundation for a successful, strongly technical, eclectic and fun conference series.

A major highlight of the 2004 conference was Linus Torvalds, originator of the Linux operating system kernel, being dunked in a dunk tank to raise money for charity.

The 2006 event broke new ground, being the first conference to be held outside Australia, recognising the importance of the New Zealand Linux community.

At 2007 in Sydney, a new feature was an Open Day for non-conference attendees, in which community groups, interest groups and Linux businesses held stands and demonstrations.

The 2008 event was the second time the conference had been held in Melbourne but the first time under the name.

Miniconfs Edit 2003 was the first event to have mini-conferences which preceded the main event. The miniconfs are half - 2 days streamed gatherings which have their own programme but are open for any conference attendee to participate in. This grew in 2004, with the Open-Source in Government (ossig) miniconf, EducationaLinux, Debian Miniconf and

Recurring Miniconfs have included those devoted to Debian, education, security and multimedia.



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