Template:Advert Template:Infobox Website is a Web portal that concerns information on configuring software, hardware, and to bring update to date news regarding Linux gaming. It has established itself within the Linux community with providing scripts and information for tasks which are mundane or non-trivial.

History Edit Edit was founded on the 11th of September, 2003 by Andreas Schneider (GlaDiaC), and Stefan Silberstein (stony777), as online gaming Linux-Clan, which later evolved to a community site with information and documentation about gaming on Linux, focusing in network and multiplayer games. also organizes eSport-events which focus on Linux compatible games.

Loki Installer for Linux Games Edit

File:MOHAA Linux Installer.png

In January 2004 the Loki Installers for Linux Gamers (LIFLG) was founded as sourceforge project independently of, with members participating in either project. LIFLG make installers for Linux based and also Windows based games for Linux and BSD platforms.

WineCVS Edit

In August 2004 WineCVS is registered as sourceforge project. The script helps install/uninstall different compatibility layers, such as Wine or Cedega. With those programs it is possible to run applications and games that were not made for Linux originally.

Logitech mouse controller Edit

In fall 2005 the logitech mouse controller (lomoco) project forked from lmctl to support latest logitech mouses and to enable extra features. LIVE! Edit

As as special for the LinuxTag 2007 in Berlin, the team developed a Live-DVD based on ArchLinux for instant gaming. Those games are actually included in v0.9.2: Blobby2, BZFlag, FooBillard, gl-117, Glest, Neverball, Nexuiz, Sauerbraten (game), TORCS, Tremulous, Ufo:ai, Wesnoth, War§ow, Warzone 2100, World of Padman.

Community Edit

Through the years grew to a community which now offers:

  • News on current events/occurrences within the Linux related Gaming-community
  • Articles used to preview games or events
  • Howtos to help people get their games running
  • Forums and chatrooms for troubleshooting and chatting
  • Downloads of patches, demos and modifications
  • Links to other sites on the net that might be of interest
  • Live!: boot'n play.

Events Edit

In May 2005, the German crew of organized a LAN Party in Ingolstadt (in the middle of Bavaria). Over 50 Linux and Non-Linux users met there to fragg and share the experience.

In May 2006 some of members of participated at the LinuxTag in Wiesbaden (Germany) and offered the visitors of this congress some information about their project and targets.

In May 2007 ten members of e. V and the community took part in the LinuxTag in Berlin (Germany), presented the Live DVD and offered the visitors information about gaming with Linux in general.

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