The Libervis Network is a network of websites related to free culture. The name comes from the Latin adverb meaning "most freely" (continuing from "libervor" meaning "more freely" and "liberv" meaning "freely").

Libervis.comEdit, founded in June 2004[1] as a free software community center, is a site now about the philosophical aspects of free culture. It uses forums, essays, news, and a wiki to discuss this.

As of June 2008 is relaunched as a project for technology enthusiasts interested in building freedom with the core topic being the advances of technology and the way it's use affects individual freedom today and in the future.

Nuxified.orgEdit is a free software technical support site with forums, blogging (about free software only), and articles (usually tutorials or software reviews). It was founded in response to switching its forum software from the free phpBB to the nonfree vBulletin after being bought out in December 2005. Common users of and felt that was hypocritical and set a bad example for a FOSS site.[2]

In July 2006, Nuxified started a partnership with Nuxified hosts forums for discussing[3]

In August 2006, Nuxified started a similar partnership with[4]

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