Template:Redirect is a computing news site (or webzine) with an emphasis on free software and software for Unix-like operating systems. It consists of a weekly issue, separate stories which are published most days, and threaded discussion attached to every story. Some stories are merely summaries of articles published elsewhere, whereas others are original content.

"LWN" originally stood for Linux Weekly News. However, that name is no longer used because the site no longer covers exclusively Linux-related topics, and it has daily as well as weekly content.

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Founded at the end of 1997 by Jonathan Corbet and Elizabeth Coolbaugh, LWN was originally a free site devoted to collecting Linux news, published weekly.

At the end of May 2002, LWN announced a redesigned site.[1] Among the changes was a facility for readers to post comments about stories.

On July 25 2002, LWN announced that due to its inability to raise enough funds through donations, the following issue would be its last.[2]

Following an outpouring of support from readers, however, the editors of LWN decided to continue publishing, albeit with a subscription model. New weekly editions of LWN are initially only available to readers who subscribe at one of three levels (group subscriptions are also available). After a delay, each issue becomes freely available to readers who are unable or unwilling to pay.

Contributors Edit

The staff members are Jonathan Corbet, Forrest Cook, Rebecca Sobol, and Jake Edge.

Notable people who have written stories, letters, or comments which were published on the site include Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier, Gaël Duval, Jim Gettys, Georg Greve, Val Henson, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Larry McVoy, Ingo Molnar, Russ Nelson, Havoc Pennington, Bruce Perens, Boudewijn Rempt, Richard Stallman, and David A. Wheeler.

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