Template:Infobox Film Kong Island (Original Italian title being Eva, la Venere selvaggia and also known as King of Kong Island and Eve, the Wild Woman) is a 1968 exploitation film directed by Roberto Mauri.


Eve is a woman who was raised by apes in the African jungles, known to the natives as the sacred "White Monkey". A mad scientist is implanting control devices into the skulls of gorillas, plotting to take control of the world by using similar devices on powerful politicians. A soldier of fortune whom the scientist double crossed years before comes gunning for his enemy after radio-controlled gorillas attack a safari camp and make off with a young woman. Eve leads our hero to the mad scientist and the gorillas turn on their master before the underground control center goes up in smoke.

Contrary to popular belief, this film has nothing to do with King Kong and doesn't take place on an island. It is in the public domain.Template:Sf-film-stub

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