Kiwi Alpha is a file sharing peer-to-peer file sharing application that connects to the Gnutella and Gnutella2 networks by use of GnucDNA, and has stated goals of leaving a small resource footprint, and to be simple to use for beginners.

Kiwi Alpha doesn't contain functionality such as media players, in the spirit of the lightweight goal. However, the application comes with two bundled pieces of adware, such as SaveNow, which seems to contradict the small footprint goal. [1] [2]

Another statement made on the program's website is that "Kiwi Alpha does not require users to register and protects the user's privacy by connecting anonymously to the network". This is misleading, as the gnutella and gnutella2 protocols do not obfuscate the user's IP address, which the statement seems to indicate.

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