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Journal of Research Practice (JRP) is a peer-reviewed electronic journal with a transdisciplinary focus, published as an open access journal, i.e., full-text access is free to all readers. It uses Open Journal Systems to manage the online publication process. The journal seeks to:

  • connect scientific research-inclined persons working in different disciplinary, institutional, and practical contexts and through this,
  • extend the practice of research to progressively newer territories.

Both these aims are expected to facilitate the wider purposes of promoting research education around the world and innovative forms of research in different socially relevant areas.

JRP is published by the International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication (ICAAP)[1], a research and development organisation devoted to the advancement of open access publishing, located at Athabasca University, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Free access to JRP is made possible through institutional sponsorships and optional processing fees paid by authors. The editorial office is hosted at Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, India. The editorial team is fairly international in character, with persons from Australia, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, India, Israel, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, UK, and USA.

JRP is included in the following indexing services Directory of Open Access Journals, Open J-Gate, and Ulrich's Periodical Directory.

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