Template:Infobox Journal The Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) is a peer-reviewed open access journal founded in 1999 with a content focus on eHealth and "healthcare in the Internet age", edited and published by Gunther Eysenbach. The journal is widely regarded as one of the pioneers in open access publishing,[1] being one of the first open access journals in biomedicine (created before PLoS and BioMed Central entered the scene).

According to the 2007 ISI/SCI Journal Citations Reports (released in June 2008), which reports Journal Impact Factors, the journal has an impact factor of 3.0, and is thus ranked second in the medical informatics category (with an impact factor almost equal to the leading journal in that category, JAMIA [3.1]), beating 18 other longer established journals within that category. The journal is also ranked 6th in the "Health Care Sciences & Services" journal category, which includes 56 other leading journals.[2]



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