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The Journal of Biological Chemistry (often abbreviated JBC) is a scientific journal founded in 1905 and published since 1925 by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. It publishes research in any area of biochemistry or molecular biology, both in print and online, weekly. The Editor is Herbert Tabor. All its articles are available for free on its website. The impact factor of the journal in 2005 was 5.854.[1] In 2005 JBC was the scientific journal that received the largest total number of citations.


The journal was founded in 1905 by John Jacob Abel and Christian Archibald Herter, who also served as the first editors. They sent letters to 21 other American biochemists, inviting them to join the founding editorial board. This founding board (which eventually numbered 22 in addition to Abel and Herter), consisted of: R. H. Chittenden, Otto Folin, William J. Gies, Reid Hunt, Walter Jones, J. H. Kastle, Waldemar Koch, P. A. Levene, Jacques Loeb, Graham Lusk, A. B. Macallum, J. J. R. Macleod, A. P. Mathews, L. B. Mendel, F. G. Novy, W. R. Orndorff, T. B. Osborne, Franz Pfaff, A. E. Taylor, V. C. Vaughan, A. J. Wakeman, H. L. Wheeler.

The first issue appeared in October 1905.


Publishing historyEdit

Other people associated with the journal included Henry Drysdale Dakin, E. V. McCollum, Hans Thacher Clarke, Konrad Emil Bloch, Efraim Racker, and Mildred Cohn. The location of the journal's editorial offices has included Cornell Medical College (until 1937), Yale University (1937-1958), Harvard University (1958-1967), and New York (from 1967). In 1958 the format of the journal changed to a larger size with a layout of two columns.


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  4. Disabled by severe illness in 1969, but did not resign until 1971.

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