The Journal of Bacteriology is an academic journal published by the American Society for Microbiology. The title is commonly abbreviated J. Bacteriol. and the ISSN is 0021-9193 for the print version, and 1098-5530 for the electronic version. The impact factor for the year 2006 was 3.993. Common Journal of Bacteriology sections include:

  1. Guest Commentaries
  2. Dialog
  3. Minireviews
  4. Meeting Reviews
  5. Meeting Presentations
  6. Structural Biology
  7. Genomics and Proteomics
  8. Molecular Biology of Pathogens
  9. Bacteriophages, Transposons, and Plasmids
  10. Signal Transduction
  11. Microbial Communities and Interactions
  12. Gene Regulation
  13. Microbial Cell Biology
  14. Plant Microbiology
  15. Genetics and Molecular Biology
  16. Physiology and Metabolism
  17. Enzymes and Proteins
  18. Population Genetics and Evolution
  19. Genome Announcements

The Journal of Bacteriology is a broad-based periodical, established in 1916. It advances and disseminate fundamental knowledge of bacteria and other microorganisms. In 2006 it ranked 16th among 88 journals in the Microbiology category of the 2006 Journal Citation Reports, but excluding review-only journals, J. Bacteriol. ranks 7th among original research journals in the filed of Microbiology (After Clin. Infect. Dis. 6.186, Plos. Path. 6.056, Mol. Micro. 5.634, Cell Microbiol. 5.07, Environ. Microbiol. 4.630, Antimicrob. Agents Chemoth. 4.153)

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