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James Boyle is the William Neal Reynolds Professor of Law and co-founder of the Center for the Study of the Public Domain at Duke University School of Law in Durham, North Carolina. He is the current chairs the board[1] of Creative Commons, a not-for-profit organization devoted to expanding the range of creative work available for others to legally build upon and share. Boyle was one of the founding Board Members of Creative Commons.

Boyle joined Duke University School of Law in July 2000. He has previously taught at the American University, Yale, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

He is the author of Shamans, Software and Spleens: Law and Construction of the Information Society [1] as well as a novel published under a Creative Commons license, The Shakespeare Chronicles.[2] In 2003, he won the World Technology Award for Law for his work on the intellectual ecology of the public domain, and on the "Second Enclosure Movement" that threatens it.[3] Boyle also contributes a column to the Financial Times New Technology Policy Forum.



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