IslamicTorrents (often referred to as IT) is a BitTorrent tracker that focuses mainly on Islamic and Islam related materials. Their tracker handles requests and tracks videos, audio files, Islamic lectures, Qur'an files, Islamic software, books and particularly documentaries relating to Islam. Currently the site caters to approximately 40,000 users worldwide and boasts over 900,000 torrents downloaded as of May 2007. IslamicTorrents is comprised of members who visit regularly from all over the world, particularly from the Islamic world.

The IslamicTorrents staff upholds the policy wherein they remove torrents that are copyrighted as requested by the copyright holder.

The site was originally started by SysOp m12345 to provide Muslims from various backgrounds and age groups with Islamic content in a free medium. IslamicTorrents is a website under the umbrella of the Digital Halal Islamic portal.


  • IslamicTorrents originally began as a resource for the Muslim world, including new Muslims.
  • As of 1/8/2006 IslamicTorrents has entered its second year as a resource for Muslims.
  • IslamicTorrents has surpassed all existing Islam-related BitTorrent websites on the internet in terms of size and traffic. IslamicTorrents is ranked in the top 80,000 on the Alexa ranking list of the world's most-frequented internet sites.[1]
  • On 26/10/2005, was given's highest award. The golden award was granted for excellence as an Islamic website.[2]



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