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The Insight Journal is a fully electronic scientific journal that supports and enforces the reproducibility of technical reports in the areas of image analysis and visualization. The Journal also encourages the sharing of open source software, open data and full description of parameters needed for readers to reproduce the experiences reported in the submitted papers.

All content in Insight Journal is published as open access material under the Creative Commons "by-attribution" license [1].

Journal Features Edit

The Insight Journal embraces the concept of open science by providing full access to scientific material under a license allowing readers to create derivative work.

The Journal provides support for open peer review by allowing any reader to volunteer as reviewer, and requiring reviewer to make public reviews of the papers. Other readers are also allowed to rate reviewers in a similar way that online retailes such as self-regulate their evaluations.

Infrastructure Edit

The software infrastructure supporting the Insight Journal is based on a combination of the following packages

History Edit

The Insight Journal is the result of the frustration of the medical imaging community with the slow pace at which the publishing industry disseminates knowledge. It is also a response to the lack of mechanisms for sharing the software code and images that are essential for fostering the progress of the field. In the context of the Journal, papers can be posted in a matter of hours, and are permanenty open for public reviews by the community. Authors post their papers along with the full source code and data that they used for arriving to the results that are presented in the paper. The Journal makes this material available to readers, and therefore empowers them to reproduce the work that is reported by paper authors. This fundamental characteristic of the Journal is based on the notion that scientific work must be reproducible

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Preventing Scientific Fraud Edit

The model chosen by the Insight Journal will prevent the possibility of Scientific misconduct that have recently alarmed the scientific community. Scientific fraud was deemed breakthrough of the year 2006 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)Template:Sci-journal-stub

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